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Fully furnished!

(Houston, TX) Advertisements

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The Eye of Texas is Upon You

  (Elgin, TX)

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Shoeless in Beaumont, TX

Simon wanted others to walk a mile in his shoes, but he kept losing them…

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Bedroom retreat

After a hard day’s work, Milton liked to come home, curl up in bed and let all his cares drift away. (Huntsville, TX)

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Belly Dancer

(Sargent, TX)

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Toilet Bowl Terror

Oh. My. God. Please tell me that’s not what it looks like. Please. (Del City, OK)

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Bambi 911

Police are investigating whether the incidents are related.

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Peoria Paradise

Michael Jackson, near-naked girls and an aerobic stepper?? SOLD! (Peoria, Illinois)

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Out out damn spot

The sink insisted on matching the curtains. (La Grange, TX)

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Moving on

We’re outta here, bitches! And here’s what I think of the damn carpet, too. (Dripping Springs, TX) Submitted by Andi Lorenz

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