Truth in advertising?

This is, vertbatim, the text on the ad:

“Outside you will find a covered porch and a huge yard! Perfect for those get-togethers!”

And these are the attached pictures.

(Phoenix, AZ)

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3 Responses to Truth in advertising?

  1. Bill Richmond says:

    Hey – crack addicts have get-togethers too, you know! And the porch cover is so low, because you know, in Phoenix the late afternoon sun is almost as intense as the mid-day sun.

  2. pantrypuff says:

    You’re right Bill. I have judged too harshly!

  3. Mirth says:

    I’m with Bill, I live in AZ and the late afternoon sun is brutal. A patio roof like this should be standard. I would say the only thing this oasis of a backyard is missing is the hammock between those two palms. Ahhh, paradise found!

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