We’re famous!

Here at Real Estate Rumble, we celebrate the media attention bestowed upon us. Except we’ve never had any.

Until now!

Today, we’re featured on Weird News — http://weirdnews.about.com/b/2010/08/24/real-estate-rumble-blog-tracks-ugly-mls-photos.htm — a blog that talks about (obviously) weird stuff.  After checking out The Rumble, author Buck Wolf wrote:

“You have to wonder what some people were thinking when they snapped photos of their for-sale homes. Like this image from someone’s listing… presumably of what is (or was) the bathroom.

I mean, they’re trying to sell the place… right? Or is this some form of little-known real estate reverse psychology?”

Well, the hits have been off the charts today. Clearly, it’s just a spike and most readers won’t return. Or will they? Apparently people have a thing about ugly real estate pics.

I know some readers — Realtors, for example — might not like this site. In fact, I did hear from one commenter who, rightfully so, said, “People own their houses and can do with them whatever they want. People come in all colors, personalities and taste. Some have bad taste and that is their right.”

Definitely. If you want to cover your house in zebra pattern wallpaper, be my guest.

Just don’t take a picture of it.

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2 Responses to We’re famous!

  1. Mirth says:

    You are incorrect about Realtors not liking this site. For those of us with a sense of humor and a desire to be awesome at our job, we love it! We shake our head and feel sorry for the clients whose homes are portrayed so poorly by agents, but we laugh just as much as the next person. And for those people who live exactly as their home photos portray? Well, we can’t make people take out the trash and remove the crazy, but we can at least close the lid to the toilet.

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