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Kenneth never knew whether the unicorns were real or his cough medicine was very, very strong. (Winston Salem, NC) Advertisements

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Frozen in time

I stand in awe. (Cleveland, Ohio)

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Glub glub

LaCresha frequently dreamed she was drowning.(Austin, TX)

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Playing hard to get?

Not so much. (New Orleans, LA)

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What the Eff is That?

Today at Real Estate Rumble, we’re going to kick off a new game called What the Eff is That? Please proceed. (Ohio)

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Modern Stone Age Family

(Cleveland, Ohio)

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One thing that surprises me about real estate is how some houses feature both good and horrible MLS pics. Take, for example, this $89,000 house in Paterson City, NJ. Look at the kitchen. It’s kind of cute, right? Sure, it … Continue reading

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Cozy nights by the fire!

(East Point, GA)

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A tribute to plaid

I love this rug so much, I want to marry it. (Ohio)

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Unintended consequences

No one could have known the hippo was into cutting and cocaine. (Edmond, Oklahoma)

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