A salute to dated carpet

I have a confession to make. Most real estate pictures are fine.

Yes, I know, it’s disappointing. But I’d say 90 percent of all MLS pictures I come across feature rooms that are clean, orderly and (relatively) buyer neutral.

Consequently, after a while, houses start to look the same. Whenever I see the description “many new updates!” I know exactly what I’m going to see: wood floors, glossy kitchen cabinets, light and open floorplans.


That’s why I love it when I see places with dated carpets. Finally! Something so awful, it catches the eye!

Most of the time, these pics don’t make it into The Rumble because the rooms are completely MLS appropriate. But today, I’d like to honor those dated carpets. Thank you, rugs, for being there when so many of you have gone gently into that good night. You make life worth living.


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2 Responses to A salute to dated carpet

  1. Lilly says:

    I can’t help but wonder what will become the ugly carpets and wood panelling of today. Will we grimace at the sight of granite countertops and stainless steel in 20 years?

  2. Leif Swanson says:

    3rd photo: did the basement toilet overflow?

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