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Great Grown-up Playpen

(Austin, TX) Spotted by Real Estate Rumble Playpen Monitor Robert Quigley Advertisements

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Peter’s eyes flashed, his lips pursed. His boyish face flushed red as he slapped the smile right off Robin’s face. “Don’t you DARE say I can’t decorate.” (Atlanta, GA)

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Fanning the flames

They didn’t have much, but Alicia would fight tooth and nail for that fan in the divorce settlement. (Atlanta, GA)

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For Sale: Exit 202

Dear Realtor: When you said this house was off Exit 202, I believed you, OK? Without trust, we have nothing. (Gray, LA)

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Pole dancing

  (Tomah, WI)

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It’s the cheesiest

(Camp Douglas, Wisconsin)

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China Palace

Free eggroll with every living room. (Peoria, Illinois)

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Old Mother Hubbard

…left crap in her cupboard. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

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Portrait of a Lady (and her guy)

“Wow,” Buck said slowly, gazing at his new paint-by numbers portrait. “We look gooood.” (Georgetown, TX)

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Your ass is on the MLS! (New Orleans)

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