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Mood killer

 Marliegh was a sure thing until she saw the hot tub. (Bell County, TX) Advertisements

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What are you staring at?

I’m the one who has to watch General Hospital during the spin cycle. (Austin, TX)

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Garden of Eden

  (Oklahoma City)

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Enter the Matrix

 This is the most realistic mural I have ever seen. (Oklahoma City, OK) Frankly, I don’t think I could tolerate this mural in my room. It is so real that I would constantly be walking into the wall, reminding me … Continue reading

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 Something about this reeks of modern art. (Oklahoma City, OK)

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Home Sweet Home

Some pictures defy explanation. (Hammond, LA)

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The Happy Homemaker

  (Austin, TX)

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Jump Shot

How was Mario supposed to sleep with the Ghost of Basketball Past lurking around? (Buda, TX)

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Welcome to the Bible Belt

Dear Lord — I’ve been living in turdhole for 29 years and I have got to get the fuck out of here, like, pronto. I mean, this is Oklahoma City, for Christ’s sake. You’ve seen this place, right? So here’s … Continue reading

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The Screw It House, Part 3

(Oklahoma City, OK)

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