Handprints from Hell

OK, look, parents. I know you think the whole handprints on the wall thing is cute. But guess what? It’s not.  It’s creepy.

Every time I see it, I think about that part in the Blair Witch Project where they show the tiny bloody handprints all over the child killer’s house. Fucking. Terrifying.

See for yourself.

Home of fictional serial killer, Rustin Parr:


Home of deluded Detroit, Michigan parent:


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2 Responses to Handprints from Hell

  1. Roger Hat says:

    I can’t imagine why anyone would think that’s a good design concept. When I was young (13-14) and hiking around the local woods, I came upon a long deserted barn that had white interior walls with children’s handprints all over one wall, in black paint. This was long before Blair Witch, but it still scared the hell out of me…very spooky sight, and I NEVER went back!

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