Getting to know you

Martha and Narvin enjoy barbecuing in the back yard and often invite their daughter Illiana over on Sundays. Her Diet Pepsi addiction makes it imperative that a hefty amount of carbonated beverages are always on hand.

Illiana’s childless-by-choice lifestyle has created immeasurable tension with Martha, triggering many hysterical, accusation-laden arguments that result in uncontrolled sobbing and reluctant reconciliations.

There is also an ongoing dispute over who put the old towel and grungy cooler on Grandmother Elena’s 1925 drop-leaf table.

Luckily, Narvin has Arvin the labradoodle to keep him company while the women-folk hug it out.

(Des Moines, Iowa)

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One Response to Getting to know you

  1. Leif Swanson says:

    Scary that there looks to be 2 bottles of antifreeze next to the dog food.

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