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RER, Andy Roddick Edition

When Carnival Cruise and New Money collide. (Austin, TX) Advertisements

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Note to self, Sailor thought. Put on contacts before house hunting. (Peoria, Illinois)

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Helmet Head

This is Hal. Please do not upset Hal. (Central Texas)

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Kooky Krazy Handles!

Asheboro NC

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Cloudy weather

Peoria really needs help. (Peoria, Illinois)

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Welcome to the future

When you get old, many bad things will happen. First off, you will have to pee in your bedroom. You will have to sit in your shower. You will take many pills. You will make terrible fashion choices. And basically, you will … Continue reading

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Beyond the Beyond

This is not an amusement park. Not a set from South Pacific. Not even something from a theme party. It is the manifestation of deep and unresolved psychiatric problems. Be careful out there, kids. (Grayland, WA) Submitted by Amusement Park … Continue reading

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Wall of Welcome

Marty, Suzy and Helen took their seats in the unfinished attic, wondering how the Junior League could have fallen this far. (Peoria, Illinois)

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If loving this is wrong…

I don’t want to be right. (Peoria, Illinois)

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Bag lady

“You’re such a snob,” Margie snapped, angrily appraising Bill’s puzzled expression. “Soap! Ajax! A real shower curtain! When will your outrageous demands end??” (Central Texas)

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