Unhidden treasures

OK now, this kills me.

Look at this room. It’s got neutral colors, it’s clean, it’s not cluttered with oversized furniture or moving boxes. The owner even manages to keep the personal items to a minimum (minus the odd picture over the tv center).

So why — WHY?? — for the love of all that is MLS holy, did they not shut the closet/garage/rumpus room door? What the hell is going on in there? I can’t look at this picture without my eyes gravitating toward what appears to be a mountain of perilously stacked laundry baskets.

I am very disappointed in you, homeowner. Very disappointed.

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One Response to Unhidden treasures

  1. Lilly says:

    Honestly what the…..??? How could the Realtor not want to go back and take just one more photo with the door closed?

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