Insanity, objectified

Dear Board of Realtors:

I am here today to demand immediate action on your part against a Realtor guilty of what may be the most horrific atrocity of modern MLS times. It is with great regret that I present you with this:

Board, I don’t care if the owner wrapped his body in spaghetti and threatened to eat himself unless this picture made the MLS. Someone has to be the adult here. And this Realtor obviously failed.

Again, I insist upon immediate disciplinary action before even more people are hurt by this reckless and anti-social behavior.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


(Photo Courtesy of Austin Realtor Brandi Weber,  who writes this fabu blog)

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One Response to Insanity, objectified

  1. tinysparrow says:

    Is this an arc? I half expect to see Noah in the corner, ushering more animals through the door two by two.

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