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So clean you could eat off it

…assuming you hate yourself. (Cleveland, Ohio) Advertisements

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Private moments made public

The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was, “Is that pee in the toilet?” Still, the suspicious liquid is relatively pale, so I thought, “Well, maybe not.” But then, I saw this picture. And I realized how wrong I … Continue reading

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Fan in Repose

Same fan. Same house. Three pics. (Cleveland, Ohio area)

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Destonia opened her eyes and suddenly realized how scarred she’d been from her time as a candy striper. (Oklahoma City)

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Love is Kind

Lourdes couldn’t bear the idea of someone else using her space heater, toilet paper and folded sheets.  But she knew she had to make sacrifices to keep John’s love. (Oklahoma City)

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A Life Well Lived

Granny was proof that you really can have it all. (Oklahoma City)

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If you’re not depressed now, you will be

(Lockhart, TX)

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**Warning: Profanity ahead* Dear Homeowner: Are you fucking for real? Not only do you have your dog wedged into a shoebox, but you proudly took a picture of it. And for what? To show your crapass patio and your Dollar … Continue reading

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Is that bookcase wallpaper? (Elgin, TX)

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BYO Meaning

Sometimes two chairs and half a lamp can be a metaphor for life. (Bertram, TX)

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