**Warning: Profanity ahead*

Dear Homeowner:

Are you fucking for real? Not only do you have your dog wedged into a shoebox, but you proudly took a picture of it. And for what? To show your crapass patio and your Dollar Store shelving unit?

You are a douchebag and if I weren’t such a lady, I’d come whup your Kool-smoking, #1 Combo snarfing, snuff sucking ass all over Austin.

Fuck you forever, The Real Estate Rumble PETA Watchdog Group

Photo courtesy

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3 Responses to Infuriating

  1. jumbly says:

    I’ve got your back on this asskicking, Real Estate Rumble.

  2. pantrypuff says:

    Word, Jumbly. You know I’m not a maniac about such things, but seriously. Come on.

  3. Heather says:

    I would love to stick his arse in that same cage… un-b-fu*king-lieveable!

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