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Magnetic personality

The magnets knew there was safety in numbers (Moorhead, MN) Advertisements

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You are HERE

After years of struggling with her address, Mary finally found a way to consistently pinpoint her location. (Take A Wild Guess, TX)

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La Cage aux Folles

What the hell is going on in that corner? It looks like a drag queen station. (La Grange, TX)

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The Showers of Cell Block D

Harvey made sure he never dropped the soap. (Peoria, Illinois)

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Thank you for almost being a friend

“While I’m sure this is fine for those skeeves in Tallahassee, this doesn’t quite meet Miami standards,” Blanche said, turning to the cans of teale, seafoam and fuschia paint she always kept on hand. “But I think we can make … Continue reading

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The Odd Couple

It took a while, but Jesus and The Bear ultimately put their differences aside for the greater good. (Austin, TX)

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Extreme sports

Ever the adrenaline junkie, Josannah entered the bathroom at her own risk.

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You were here?

Good to know. (Des Moines, Iowa)

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B is for Basement

(Detroit, Michigan)

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Helmet Head

This is Hal. Please do not upset Hal. (Central Texas)

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