Here at Real Estate Rumble, we think we’re Hot Stuff. Just today, after consuming half a gallon of strawberry ice cream, vacuuming dog hair off my couch and finding three ridiculous photos from, I thought to myself, “Wow. I’m think I’m so hottt.”

But enough about me. Here’s what others are saying about me! Or, really, about Real Estate Rumble.

Weird News by Buck Wolf

Houston Chronicle, Prime Property

The Best News


One Response to Media

  1. Desiree Mandelbaum says:


    My name is Desiree Mandelbaum, I am a Casting Director for a Home Make Over TV Show. We are currently looking for people with extremely unique, eccentric, and eclectic styles in there home. We are casting in Georgia NOW! Can you please send me in the right direction?? I attached a flier and a breakdown of the show incase you or any of your friends are interested 🙂

    Thank you in advance,

    Desiree Mandelbaum
    Casting Director
    Design Rescue

    Major Cable Network now casting for a HOME/ROOM DESIGN MAKEOVER SHOW

    Do you know someone who has an eccentric sense of style, but their spouse, kids, or friends are “not that into it”? if so, we would love to hear from you!

    Have mom’s trophies/keepsakes i”taken over” the living room?
    Is dad’s old west theme making the kids feel like they come home to a saloon?
    Do you have Elvis collectables that run the household?
    Does a patriotic American flag motif make guests dizzy with starts and strips?

    What can we do for a family like this?
    if selected, our expert designers will come into the home and put together a fresh new interior. Participants will receive thousands of dollars worth of new decor and/or furniture!

    To submit a nomination:
    Please send the following info to:

    1. Your name, phone number and email
    2. The name and phone number of the person you are nominating
    3. How many people live in the house
    4. Describe the decor of the home and attach pictures if available

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