What is Real Estate Rumble?

I’m a nobody.

Let’s get that straight right here, right now. I’m not a Realtor, not a flipper, not a designer or professional stager.  I’m nobody. Just an average person who likes to troll austinhomesearch.com for pictures of houses for sale.

But after a while, I started to notice something: some MLS pictures are messed up. There are pictures of things that should shame Realtors and sellers into rehab. It defies explanation.

I’m not going to tell you about these pictures. I’m going to show them to you.

Real Estate Rumble is your safe place to fight back against awful MLS pictures. Mock them. Kick them. Make ugly faces at them. And pray that real estate agents — and their idiot clients — learn a lesson from this.


4 Responses to What is Real Estate Rumble?

  1. Dennis Gullion says:

    I am amazed. It’s sad,but the kitchen here is actually better than mine!

  2. mitsi says:

    I am retired. I have been an Architect (University of Havana), an Interior Designer, (ASID etc.) and a Real Estate Broker.

    I read your explanation of what you are trying to achieve. I don’t quite agree.
    First, people own their houses and can do with them whatever they want. People come in all colors, personalities and taste. Some have bad taste and that is their right.
    Some have more money and can hire interior designers others cannot. I would not call any of them idiots for painting their walls the color they want or adjust their abodes to their personalities.

    Some of the pictures show houses that have been abandoned. That means that their owner fell in financial trouble, but that does not make them idiots.

    From a Broker point of view, the idiots were the real estate people that took pictures that did not show well for a sale. Unless they took them for fun and laugh at the owners, which is despicable.

    I know very well that agents when they come to list a house, they want it impeccable. Ready for Architectural Digest. Painted neutral colors. Updated everywhere. This is real estate dreaming. Wake up!


  3. Bill Murray says:


    Stay cool. The creator of this page seems comes off as someone who is as kind as she is charitable. How nice of her to give us all a good laugh with some very bad MLS pictures, and for raising awareness for HIV/AIDS. I seriously doubt she’s the type that would kick anyone who fell on hard times, and people whose “interior design style” look weird or disturbing probably don’t get a big return on their investments.

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